Commerce-UI receives Shopify Build Award for Best Hydrogen Storefront

We are pleased to announce that Commerce-UI has received a Build Award for our work on the Nour Hammour in the category “Best Custom Hydrogen Storefront.

Graphic of multiple Shopify Build Award figurines in the shape of gray shopping bags with a large 'S' on them, containing code snippets inside the letter. The text 'Shopify Award Best Hydrogen Storefront' is prominently displayed in white on a gray background

The Award

The Build Awards were introduced at the Shopify event, marking Shopify’s 20th anniversary. These awards aim to recognize exceptional work in App, Theme, and Storefront development. Harley Finkelstein, the President of Shopify, personally handed over the award during the conference's main event.

Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify, and Michal Klim, Co-Founder and CTO at Commerce-UI, smiling and posing for a selfie on stage at an event. Harley is holding a Shopify Build Award figurine in the shape of a gray shopping bag with a large 'S' on it, containing code snippets inside the letter. The background shows a large audience and stage monitors.

Michal Klim (co-founder & CTO) with Harley Finkelstein (President at Shopify)

The fact that Nour Hammour was the only Hydrogen storefront awarded makes us even prouder. This recognition emphasizes Commerce-UI’s quality-first approach and is a solid testament to what can be achieved with well-thought-out headless architecture.

Nour Hammour

Nour Hammour the leather outwear brand worn by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Beyonce – saw a growth potential. To leverage the momentum, they’ve decided to launch a new ecommerce website in partnership with Commerce-UI.

The new online store is a digital reflection of the Nour Hammour world. It is beautiful, immersive, performant, and intuitive for customers. It’s also making a big difference for the business – only a month after the release, Nour Hammour saw a 63% increase in conversion rate and 128% in sales year-over-year. Read the entire case study.

From day one, we knew the Nour Hammour project was perfect for us—a high-fashion brand with an ambitious team eager to create a bespoke digital experience. We believed a headless architecture would ideally showcase their luxurious products and enhance user shopping flows. Betting on Shopify Hydrogen for building headless storefronts proved to be a great decision

Michal Klim, Commerce-UI Co-Founder & CTO

To this day, we maintain our relationship with Nour Hammour, continuously optimizing the customer experience, building new shopping flows, and introducing quality-of-life improvements to existing ones.

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