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Started from their Parisian boutique in 2013, Nour Hammour – the leather outwear brand worn by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Beyonce – saw a potential for growth. To leverage the momentum they’ve decided to launch a new ecommerce website, in partnership with Commerce-UI agency.

The new online store acts as a digital reflection of the Nour Hammour world. It is beautiful, immersive, performant, and intuitive for customers. It’s making a big difference for the business as well – only a month after the release Nour Hammour saw a 63% increase in conversion rate and 128% in sales year-over-year.


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in year-over-year sales

Page overview

Technology: Shopify’s newest solution for building custom ecommerce websites – Hydrogen and Oxygen

To build a more performant and customizable online store, we decided to use Shopify’s newest technologies: headless commerce framework Hydrogen and a dedicated globally-distributed hosting solution Oxygen. It’s an exciting new approach to building custom stores. Hydrogen brings together the flexibility of headless architecture and the familiarity of native themes. This approach allowed the use of advanced tools like Sanity CMS and MUX video infrastructure. Nour Hammour's new online store is one of the first Hydrogen projects in fashion and luxury categories, giving them a clear competitive edge.

Storytelling: Empowering the marketing team with page builder

Nour Hammour knows what female customers expect from leather outwear. To address that, the marketing team needed a powerful online storytelling setup. One that will allow not only to change existing content but also to streamline the creation of completely new pages, without being dependent on developers.

Nour Hammour testimonial
Zeina El Zein
Marketing Director

The CommerceI-UI team was lovely to work with. They are extremely responsive and held our hand throughout the process. By providing us with demos, design solutions, and delivering a beautifully built e commerce website on time. Since the launch, we've seen an increase in conversion and a big jump in sales.

When it comes to content management, simplicity and intuitiveness are hugely important. At first look, Sanity CMS feels similar to Online Store 2.0 builder, but underneath it’s way more advanced. Content translations and regionalization, real-time collaboration, scheduling and custom approval process, image cropping and focal points. But most importantly all the products are synced from Shopify, ready to be used in any context (shoppable lookbooks, guides, posts, campaign pages, etc.).

Page builder

Customer experience: Lookbook with contextual ‘Add to bag’

One of the key elements of the new online store is the updated lookbook experience. Customers can intuitively scroll through campaign shots, and if anything catches their eye, it’s effortless to pick their size and add it to the bag without losing the context of the whole collection.

Collections overview

Design: Mastering interface details for luxury ecommerce

The brand’s dedication to artisan craftsmanship is mirrored with user interface details. Smoothly animated navigation layer, blur effect used consequently sitewide, typographic details, and subtle micro-interactions. These are meant to immerse customers into the world of Nour Hammour, and at the same time make the experience more intuitive.

Mobile menu
Checkout flow

Mobile collections

Providing guidance and customer care

Having its roots in made-to-measure, Nour Hammour knows what female customers expect from leather outwear. The brand wanted to translate these intimate in-person interactions into the new website. The online store is built around providing guidance for women, including:

  • material and fit guides
  • lookbook with contextual ‘add to bag’ functionality
  • compare tool to see detailed product information for multiple items
  • ‘find my size’ feature to assist with size selection and reduce returns
  • book an appointment feature to visit the Paris boutique in-person

Nour Hammour will continue the partnership with Commerce-UI to further optimize the customer experience. If you’re interested in learning more about this specific case or want to know how we can help you tackle your own challenges, please reach out.

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