Build your new online store with Shopify’s Hydrogen.

Shopify and Hydrogen logos
Shopify and Hydrogen logos
Shopify and Hydrogen logos
Shopify and Hydrogen logos
As Shopify’s native solution for building headless storefronts, Hydrogen makes it easier for brands to deliver high-performant and unique online stores, in record time.

What is Hydrogen?

Screenshot of the ABSTRAK website, highlighting a selection of abstract sculptures named 'Corals', 'Mountains', etc., with React component bubbles like SEO, MediaFile, and StoreFront API indicating site functionality

Hydrogen is Shopify’s newest toolkit for building headless storefronts. It simplifies building dynamic and high-performant commerce storefronts with a set of pre-built components, utilities, and best practices for SEO.

As a framework, it sits between Online Store 2.0 and entirely custom headless builds. With Hydrogen, brands have the freedom to customise and build anything they want, without leaving Shopify.

Why migrate to Hydrogen?

More flexibility for storytellingWith advanced CMS like Sanity, editors get a familiar page-building experience with more opportunity for on-brand customisation, including A/B testing, content scheduling, personalisation, and internationalisation.
Video showcasing Sanity Panel on Aether Apparel site
Faster load timesSkyrocket conversions with speeds that are unachievable on traditional Shopify. Highlights include background page preloading, and truly global distribution.
Migrate to headless without leaving ShopifyHydrogen offers all the advantages of headless within the Shopify ecosystem. And Oxygen offers all the benefits of a modern and fast hosting architecture without adding external providers and extra cost.
Shopify administration panel showing Oxygen app
Complex use casesHydrogen lets you build anything that’s possible on the web. Dynamic product configurators, complex user journeys, live shopping.
Specific technical requirementsTechnical limitations in current setup, or specific SEO and/or page speed requirements, Internationalisation, A/B testing, Personalisation.

We're Hydrogen experts.

Over the last 5+ years we made our name creating headless sites for DTC leaders like Oura Ring, Magda Butrym, Aether, or Lift Foils. Recently we’ve build one of the first Hydrogen projects for Nour Hammour.

Hydrogen, while making it much faster to build a headless storefront, can still be challenging for agencies rooted in Shopify’s traditional way of building online stores. Ensure success by working with experienced development partner.

Hydrogen Case Study — Nour Hammour

Increase in conversion rate
Increase in year-over-year sales

Performance and brand expression are key to engaging high-converting experiences. Commerce-UI consistently delivers on both, striking the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Ben Sehl
Product Lead at Shopify

How can we help?


We help you make an informed decision about whether Hydrogen and Oxygen are the right technologies for your brand, based on your vision and business requirements.

Liquid to Hydrogen migration

As experts in both headless and Shopify, we help you smoothly migrate from your existing Liquid theme to a Hydrogen storefront. This includes gradual migration and full builds.

Magento/Salesforce Commerce to Hydrogen

Whether you’re on Shopify, or migrate from other platforms – including Salesforce Commerce, Magento, Commerce Tools – we’re a technology team who’d support you with every step of the way.


Shopify Plus Case Study: Nour Hammour Reimagines Online Store and Grows Sales

Inside Commerce: Shopify Hydrogen Headless Solution Pros and Cons with Paul Rogers, and Commerce-UI CTO Michal Klim

Shopify Plus Case Study: Nour Hammour Reimagines Online Store and Grows Sales

Hydrogen: Frequently Asked Questions.

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