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Paris Fashion Week, March 2023 – Martine Sitbon, the iconic designer of the 90s, and director of the Chloe maison for six years, is making a comeback. Teamed up with brothers Laurent and Arik Bitton, founders of Iro, they launch the Rev project that draws on her archival designs.

4 months before Laurent and Arik Bitton approached Commerce-UI, looking for a trusted ecommerce partner with experience in digital fashion. Together with design studio Ania et Lucie, we built a bold ecommerce website with Shopify Plus and Sanity CMS.

Showreel (sound on)

What we did

  • Headless/Composable Commerce Architecture
  • Custom Storefront Development
  • Shopify Plus and Sanity CMS Development
  • Localization and Internationalization (Shopify Markets)
  • SEO/SEM Optimization
  • Accessibility
  • E-commerce UX Consultancy

4 months from the project start to Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is a deadline you cannot postpone. Rev needed a Shopify Plus agency experienced in design-driven fashion/luxury projects – we were up for the task. Our team delivered the project on time and coordinated the cross-department communication required for project success.

It was possible thanks to our custom e-commerce accelerator for fashion brands. Months of the groundwork were done on day one.


Minimalism requires an eye for the detail

Working with a minimal, almost brutalist design poses a development challenge – every imperfection is instantly visible. Like a glitch or layout shift where elements move around in an unexpected way as a page is loading. Used to working in a fashion/luxury space, our developers have an eye for UX details. The Rev ecommerce website is (1) fast to load, and (2) looks clean and stable even with loading states.

The best design is invisible.


Mobile-first approach

While the overall design feels minimalistic in form, it involves a number of interesting mobile-first UX patterns. Take a look at a vertical scroll product gallery with a sticky add to card button, and a bottom drawer opening as you swipe up. Although it looks simple, making sure the interaction feels smooth, and touch gestures work in a natural way requires advanced web development knowledge. Static design is one thing, but how your customers interact with your storefront is a whole different story.

Real-time filtering
Switching between grid and index view
App-like size selector overlay.
Real time search

Product Details Page (PDP) with app-like vertical product gallery and a bottom drawer you can open with a swipe up gesture

Minimalistic homepage with auto play video and playback/sound controls.

Real-time filtering by color and size.

Switching between grid and index views.

Lookbook enhanced with shop the look overlay.

App-like size selector overlay.

Real time search using new built-in Shopify Search & Discovery

Ongoing process

We’re excited about the brand’s launch and impressive media coverage in the fashion industry. Rev is making another big step by opening a flagship showroom in Milan, Italy designed by the British architect John Pawson. ‘Minimalism in an intimate and virtuous time,’ the brand says of the interior design.

We’ll continue supporting their growth as a technology partner.

If you’re interested to learn more about this specific case or want to know how we can help you tackle your own challenges, please reach out to us.

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